Monday, October 18, 2010


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Degree Project

Inspiration : Dragonfly
Fabric : Chiffon
color : Purple & Green

Inspiration : Hellboy
Fabric : Linen, Suede
Color : Brown, Red and Light Brown

Forcasting by Fazosin

Fabric : Chiffon
Color : purple and green

Different color and Silhouette.

Same color but different Silhouette.

12 vs 25

Friday, October 8, 2010


arrrrrrrrghhhh..tensionnnnn rrrrrr.....

Stress is a term in psychology and biology, first coined in the biological context in the 1930s, which has in more recent decades become commonly used in popular parlance. It refers to the consequence of the failure of an organism – human or animal – to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined.

Stress symptoms commonly include a state of alarm and adrenaline production, short-term resistance as a coping mechanism, and exhaustion, as well as irritability, muscular tension, inability to concentrate and a variety of physiological reactions such as headache and elevated heart rate.

Men's Fitness Complete Training Guide

The Complete Training Guide is perfect for beginners or experienced weight trainers alike. If you're familiar with gyms, have trained with weights and know your goals, then you can simply use this book as a reference guide. If you're new to training, you'll find tips and advice on building a workout regime, training effectively and eating to increase muscle.

From Suitcases to Oscar Gowns, From Milan to the World

which once do u like?hehe....

Prada 2008 Spring/Summer Campaign by James Jean

Prada. The name alone signifies style and luxury, designer handbags and fabulous shoes. Born nearly a century ago, The House of Prada is recognized worldwide for its simple and elegant creations.Mario Prada started the Prada label in 1913. He designed and sold handbags, shoes, trunks, and suitcases though two boutiques in Milan, and had clients across Europe and the US. When the signature Prada suitcase, made from heavy, cumbersome walrus skin, proved to be ill suited for air travel, Prada concentrated on designing exquisite leather accessories and waterproof handbags.

Blazer it's good choice

suka suka suka suka ( gedikss )