Fazosinn, a fashion designer and illustrator, born on 10th of August 1985 in Pasir Mas, one of the well-known district in Kelantan, Malaysia. The youngest from six siblings realized his interest in drawing since he was 8 years old. Ever since he knew of his passion in art, he started to improve his skills in drawing, painting, and involved in many kinds of creative activities. He joined various drawing competitions at school and has also represented the state of Kelantan in numerous event. With all the skills and talent, he has won quite a number of the title from them.

During his studies, right from his schooling period, Fazosinn is very active in producing fashion illustration, caricature in cute versions, tote bag, portrait and embroidery artwork. He has chosen to be in Fine Arts line during his Diploma study in UiTM Seri Iskandar, Perak, which has provided an important aesthetic basis to his artistic knowledge. From year 2003 to 2006, Fazosinn has put on all his focus, effort and attention to excel in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and graphic.

Fazosinn then reconsidered his career option and has pursue his Degree in Fashion Design, a course offered by UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor. During this time, he actively participated in UiTM Art Market / Art Bazaar, and has initiated a cartoon character “Habouhabou” in 2011 which specialize in hand drawing tote bag and t-shirts designing. He has also collaborates with a close friend, Brisyam Mahadi, in creating a Brisyamfazo Sdn Bhd. Together, they took part in “Piala Seri Endon” Batik competition and has become a Semi Finalist.

In 2010, Fazosinn participated in a local TV station’s reality tv show, “Gaya Pesona di TV2”. The program involves twelve young designers, aims to design dress for celebrities for Hari Raya celebration. They were assigned to design for Enot, a local Actress and TV Host.

Though Fazosinn is very active with university curriculums and other outside events he ensures good grades on his studies and has achieved three Dean’s List during his Degree. After graduation in 2012, Fazosinn continue on being a full-time illustrator and has come out with a new label of “FazosinnWorld”. He has expanded another step in his arts, by producing cute caricature hand phone cover.  Fazosinn later, trying his luck for the second time in “Piala Seri Endon” Batik competition, participated under BrisyamFazo collections and has succeeded till the Grand Final.

Later in 2012, Fazosinn was offered to be Junior Fashion Designer in the most famous local fashion house, Jovian Mandagie Sdn Bhd. Within a year in employment, he was promoted to be Assistant Fashion Designer of Houte Couture and Ready-To-Wear (RTW).

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