Monday, July 27, 2009

My Superhero for Fashion Design 02.

Why i choose the hellboy as my subjectmatter for fashion design???
Hellboy is a demon who has many powers. He is supernaturally strong and can lift huge objects and carry extreme loads of weight. His right hand is known as the, “Right Hand of Doom,” and is overly large, looking much like a gauntlet. He does not feel any pain with it and it is his main weapon of choice for hand to hand combat. It is said to be the right hand of a spirit who created and bound a dragon named Odgru Jahad, and the owner of the hand was destroyed by his fellow spirits for the act.
Some might think that because of his demonic background, he would be impervious to fire, and that may be true in the movies, but in the comics he is not. He does, however, have a unique healing ability that heals him extremely quickly from injuries. Coupled with a high endurance and damage resisitance, Hellboy has been able to survive battles no normal human ever could.
Hellboy also has access to many weapons and artifacts that allow him to battle supernatural enemies. His main weapon of choice is his sidearm dubbed, “Samaritan.” The bullets he uses are often filled with holy water, silver, or other items that aid in battling otherworldly creatures. With these devices, coupled with his natural abilities, Hellboy is a formidable opponent.